Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2022

Twenty-Sixth International Conference
May 2–6, 2022
(note date change!)
Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Program Chairs Ittay Eyal
Juan Garay
General Chairs Sergi Delgado Segura
Rafael Hirschfeld

Financial Cryptography and Data Security is a major international forum for research, advanced development, education, exploration, and debate regarding information assurance, with a specific focus on commercial contexts. The conference covers all aspects of securing transactions and systems. Original works focusing on both fundamental and applied real-world deployments on all aspects surrounding commerce security are solicited. Submissions need not be exclusively concerned with cryptography. Systems security and interdisciplinary works are particularly encouraged.

The goal of the conference is to bring security and cryptography researchers and practitioners together with economists, bankers, implementers and policy-makers. Intimate and colourful by tradition, the FC program features invited talks, academic presentations, technical demonstrations and panel discussions. In addition, several workshops will be held in conjunction with the FC conference.

FC22 will be held 25 years after the first FC conference and a special anniversary program anniversary program (postponed from last year's 25th FC) is planned in addition to the regular program.

Coronavirus update: We are currently planning for a fully physical event, but we are closely monitoring the situation in Grenada as well as global restrictions. We understand that some speakers may not be able to travel, so if necessary we will make arrangements for them to send a pre-recorded video to be shown on-site, and to answer questions remotely.

Update (7 January 2022): We are still guardedly optimistic about holding FC22 in-person. As of today the situation in Grenada is OK and we're hoping that it will remain that way. When making travel arrangments, though, it might be a good idea to keep them as flexible as possible.

Update (14 January 2022): Grenada is experiencing a bit of a spike (as is much of the world) and we're keeping our eye on it and hoping it will blow over. For now we're still planning to go ahead with an in-person event.

Update (21 January 2022): The spike in Grenada seems to have peaked and our contacts there expect it to subside by the time of the conference. However, on 18 January the US State Department issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for Grenada, making it difficult for many who would like to attend to obtain travel authorization. The FC steering committee has decided not to go ahead with an in-person event in February. We are looking instead to postpone the conference until April or May. Details will be posted on the website as soon as they are finalized.

Update (28 January 2022): The spike in Grenada appears to be receding but the travel advisory remains in effect. We have decided to postpone the conference until the beginning of May. We will continue to monitor the situation and report any significant developments.

Update (1 April 2022): The number of new cases in Grenada has been quite low for several weeks. Although the Level 4 Travel Advisory remains in effect, the US Embassy in Grenada has informed us that the CDC rating should change soon. We are still planning to go ahead with an in-person conference on the May dates, but will continue to keep an eye on things.

Update (8 April 2022): On 4 April the CDC recommendation was downgraded to Level 3 and we're expecting the State Department Travel Advisory to follow suit. Grenada's State of Emergency has been revoked and all COVID-19 travel protocols have been lifted.

Update (15 April 2022): Although the State Department Travel Advisory hasn't yet been revised to match the CDC recommendation, the US Embassy in Grenada has informed us that this is due to change very soon. Barring unforeseen circumstances FC22 will go ahead in-person.

Update (22 April 2022): On 19 April the US State Department revised its Travel Advisory from Level 4 ("Do not travel") to Level 1 ("Exercise normal precautions"). See you in Grenada!




This conference is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association.