The 2nd Workshop on
Decentralized Finance

In Association with Financial Cryptography 2022

May 6, 2022

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort


Friday, May 6, 2022

Session 1: Business and economics
Session Chair: Lewis Gudgeon

A Short Survey on Business Models of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocols. Teng Andrea Xu (EPFL) and Jiahua Xu (UCL)

On-Chain Auction with Deposits. Jan Christoph Schlegel (City, University of London) and Akaki Mamageishvili (ETH Zurich)

Replicating Monotonic Payoffs Without Oracles. Guillermo Angeris (Stanford), Alex Evans (Bain Capital Crypto) and Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet)

Beyond Staking: An Aphoristic design for Staking and Rewards. Klaus Kursawe (Vega)

10:30–11:00 Break
Location: Tradewinds Terrace

Session 2: Security and Privacy
Session Chair: Ariah Klages-Mundt

KEYNOTE: MEV definitions... wat do next?
Speaker: Philip Daian (IC3, Flashbots)

We take an academic journey through the past, present, and future of the definition of MEV, first defined informally in Flash Boys 2.0. The MEV definition is at a critical inflection point, with many projects and academic articles creating their own variants. We explain the history, design decisions, and future importance of this definition, and explore future related work that builds foundations for secure and bribery resistant smart contracts and cryptographic protocols.

Privacy preserving decentralized netting. Amit Agarwal (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Angelo De Caro (IBM Research Zurich) and Andrew Miller (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)

Smart Contracts Upgradeability in DeFi protocols. Daniel Perez (Imperial College London) and Paul Pritz (Imperial College London)

NFT Wash Trading: Quantifying suspicious behaviour in NFT markets. Victor von Wachter (University of Copenhagen), Johannes Rude Jensen (University of Copenhagen), Ferdinand Regner (University of Vienna) and Omri Ross (University of Copenhagen)

12:30–14:00 Lunch
Location: Tradewinds

Session 3: DeFi Primitives
Session Chair: Steffen Schuldenzucker

A closer look at the building blocks of DeFi compositions. Stefan Kitzler (Complexity Science Hub Vienna), Friedhelm Victor (TU Berlin), Pietro Saggese (Austrian Institute of Technology) and Bernhard Haslhofer (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Centralized Governance in Decentralized Finance (DeFi): A Case Study of MakerDAO. Xiaotong Sun (University of Glasgow)

Oracle Counterpoint: Relationships between On-chain and Off-chain Market Data. Tammy Yang (Coinbase), Ariah Klages-Mundt (Cornell University) and Lewis Gudgeon (Imperial College London)

15:30–16:00 Break
Location: Tradewinds Terrace

Session 4: Automated Market Makers
Session Chair: Daniel Perez

The Case for Variable Fees in Constant Product Markets: An Agent Based Simulation. Marc Sabate-Vidales (University of Edinburgh and The Alan Turing Institute) and David Siska (University of Edinburgh and Vega)

An Empirical Study of Market Inefficiencies in Uniswap and SushiSwap. Jan Arvid Berg (ETH Zurich), Robin Fritsch (ETH Zurich), Lioba Heimbach (ETH Zurich) and Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich)

SoK: Mitigation of Front-running in Decentralized Finance. Carsten Baum (Aarhus University), James Hsin-Yu Chiang (Technical University of Denmark), Bernardo David (IT University of Copenhagen), Tore Kasper Frederiksen (Alexandra Institute) and Lorenzo Gentile (IT University of Copenhagen)

Gyroscope P-AMM: Designing an Autonomous Primary Market for Stabilizing Non-custodial Stablecoins. Ariah Klages-Mundt (Superluminal Labs) and Steffen Schuldenzucker (Superluminal Labs)

Panel: The DeFi Cavalcade
Host: Daniel Perez

  • Philip Daian (IC3, Flashbots)
  • Patrick McCorry (Infura)
  • Alexei Zamyatin (Interlay)